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Wallace the Brave - December 2, 2018 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Wallace the Brave - December 2, 2018 Comic Strip
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WALLACE THE BRAVE © Will Henry. Reprinted with permission of ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION. All rights reserved.


so, one day, neptune was surfing some taste waves. he was surfing so hard he made all this noise in the underworld. thump thump. so hades yells up- hades: stop makin' all that racket! haha! no way, bro. surf's up! thump bam. then hades took his broom and started banging on the ceiling. dang kids... he hit the ceiling with enough force to leave a bunch of bumps in the ocean. neptune: Far out! wallace: And that is how snug harbor was formed. spud: history is amazing.