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Ted Rall - Friday November 20, 2020 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Ted Rall - Friday November 20, 2020 Comic Strip
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RALL © Ted Rall. Reprinted with permission of ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION. All rights reserved.

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The U.S. Legalized torture under Bush, Obama curtailed it but the CIA and military are still allowed to use "enhanced interrogation techniques." (Man: We're a shining, beacon of Freedom, Bitch!) Edward Snowden revealed that the NSA listens to our phone calls, reads our e-mails, watches us have sex and tracks our movements. (Man 2: Suck on our Democracy!) The media is thoroughly self-censored. CNN covers for Biden Fox cover for Trump. Americans, like the Soviets, can't trust what is called "news" (Man 3: 40% of Americans hate capitalism. We don't mention them or hire them.) Trump is laying the groundwork for a possible coup to stay in office and establish an authoritarian dictatorship. Inexplicably, we are shocked. (Man 4: This is anti-American!!) (Woman: Is it?)