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Ted Rall - Monday September 24, 2018 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Ted Rall - Monday September 24, 2018 Comic Strip
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RALL © Ted Rall. Reprinted with permission of ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION. All rights reserved.

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Here in the United States, we don't consider wheather a nominee to the supreme court was picked as a get-out-of-impeachment- free card. (Man: A sitting president. Especially one with golden tresses, can't be prosecuted.) We don't hold a nominee's outlandish legal theories against him or her. (Man: The doctorine of the "unitary executive" says the president is king of all Federal Agencies.) If they perjure themselves in their sworn testimony, no harm no foul. (Man: Stolen documents? What stolen documents?) In the best country ever, we only look at their history of personal piggery- and try to ignore it. (Man 2: I believe him.) (Woman: I believe her.) (Woman 2: Who do you believe? Use your remote to vote!!)