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Ted Rall - Wednesday May 14, 2014 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Ted Rall - Wednesday May 14, 2014 Comic Strip
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RALL © Ted Rall. Reprinted with permission of ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION. All rights reserved.

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Zoroastrian America. The Supreme Court says that prayers at government meetings are totally ok. The justices, by their usual 5-to-4 vote, ruled that towns that open their Public Meetings with a prayer from a "chaplain of the month" (who is almost always Zoroastrian) do not violate the constitution. (Man: It's not our fault if every chaplain we know happens to be Zoroastrian.) The prayers were explicity secretarian, with reference to "celebrating Ahura Mazda and his good essence that runs through all things," urging that we face the sun, fire or light representing Ahura Mazda's divine light and energy. (Justice Anthony "see no angra mainyu" Kennedy: The transformation from bland city hall to awesome fire temple is meant to lend gravity to the occasion and reflect values long part of the nation's heritage.) Town officials responded that members of all faiths and atheists are welcome to give the opening prayer. (Man: Go, equal time guy.) (Man 2: But the point of atheism is that no one can hear your prayer...)