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Tom the Dancing Bug - Thursday March 14, 2019 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Tom the Dancing Bug - Thursday March 14, 2019 Comic Strip
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TOM THE DANCING BUG © Ruben Bolling. Reprinted with permission of ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION. All rights reserved.

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Enjoy this Classic Tom the Dancing Bug Vintage 2002 Every Thursday Panels from the annals of the Tom the Dancing Bug archive Check back every Friday for a fresh, brand new Tom the Dancing Bug! Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling RICKY AND DEBBIE VISIT ENRON Debbie: Hey! Who are you? Invisible Hand: I'm the INVISIBLE HAND! Debbie: Huh? Invisible Hand: I guide the economy to optimal efficiency through market forces! Debbie: Golly! That's important! Invisible Hand: A good example is ENRON! Follow me! Invisible Hand: Enron built its fortunes on the DEREGULATION of the energy industry! Debbie: COUGH COUGH Ricky: Deregu-WHAT?! Invisible Hand: Ha, ha! That's a fancy word for keeping the pesky government out, and allowing SUPPLY and DEMAND to set prices! Whoops! Rolling blackout! Debbie: But doesn't the government set ENERGY POLICY? Invisible Hand: Yes, but under free market politics, that's the sold to the HIGHEST BIDDER -- Enron! Ricky: Who are these people? Invisible Hand: Enron investors and employees. They lost their life savings when mismanagement led to Enron's bankruptcy! I punish those who make BAD DECISIONS! Ricky: Well, who are those guys? Invisible Hand: Enron's top executives! Debbie: But shouldn't the market punish THEIR bad decisions? Invisible Hand: Don't be silly! If executives aren't able to extract hundreds of millions of dollars from a dying company, how will corporations be able to attract the BEST PEOPLE? CEO: Like US! Just leave it to The Invisible Hand! END!