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Tom the Dancing Bug - Friday March 10, 2017 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Tom the Dancing Bug - Friday March 10, 2017 Comic Strip
  • Resolution: 600x786 300 dpi
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  • ID: 6543328

TOM THE DANCING BUG © Ruben Bolling. Reprinted with permission of ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION. All rights reserved.

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Donal And John a boy president and his imaginary publicist Trump: hi Washington post? This is John Miller Donald's Publicist. Im calling to tell you that Donald is the best at everything! Boy: how'd it go? Trump: Fantastic! Man: Donald, the post knew that call was from you, Trump: FAKE NEWS! Trump: Donald! obama had your "wires tapped'! Boy: what do I do? trump: Tweet it out so everyone knows! Trump: Good, Good. Boy: Just found out obama had my "wires tapped" Man: um...where did you get the idea that Obama wiretapped you? Boy: Quick! How do you spell 'tapp"? Trump: Now Obama is wiretapping your brain through microwaves! Get tin foil! Hurry! Booy: Now lets see Obama read our minds! Maybe we shouldn't comment on this for a while.... Boy: Good idea. Make em sweat. Trump: Donald, we need to cancel your meetings this morning, Boy: yes, john, Father: yes the brown people are coming to get you. you're failing! Boy: yes, papa. Father: the filthy brown people are beating you. You're worthless and weak, Donald! Boy: yes, papa. Man: Sir, uh, can I remove these jars of urine? Boy: Not until I finished the set!