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Tom the Dancing Bug - Friday October 21, 2016 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Tom the Dancing Bug - Friday October 21, 2016 Comic Strip
  • Resolution: 600x795 300 dpi
  • Format: image/gif
  • ID: 6275394

TOM THE DANCING BUG © Ruben Bolling. Reprinted with permission of ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION. All rights reserved.

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Angrier things Guys, I haven't seen Dave in months, Its like he disappeared. - I think he's a Trump supporter - So? - So he must be in the Upside Down! Its a world parallel to to ours, but scarier...more dangerous...more orange! - How do we rescue him?! - Turn to Fox news! WOW! Lets go save some Dave!! - So weird, Its your house, but its one fictions "inner city"! _ Theres my neighbor. Hey Mr. al-Zuabi! Look out! - DEATH TO ALL FREEDOM LOVING AMERICANS! Get to DAves House!! Its like some kind of murder-country! This is where DAves been?! Dave! We're here to save you! - He's just staring at Upside Down Twitter! Mexican rapists! False accusers!! Hurry!! - Oh my God! The upside down Hilary Clinton is horrifying! - How do we get back to reality? - Back through the TV!! crash _ Drugs....drugs....! - Dave you're home! Dave: Who sent you? the bankers? the globalist? SNL? You make me sick, you cucks! - Um can we put him back? Next: Angrier things, the Tv Network : The Monetization of the Upside down