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Tom the Dancing Bug - Saturday February 28, 2009 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Tom the Dancing Bug - Saturday February 28, 2009 Comic Strip
  • Resolution: 600x801 300 dpi
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  • ID: 906481

TOM THE DANCING BUG © Ruben Bolling. Reprinted with permission of ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION. All rights reserved.

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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling Billy Dare Boy Adventurer with Quentin in SMUGGLERS' CAPE Ch. VDCCXL: "Henchman #14" Billy: C'mon, Quentin! Nefari's Insani-Ray is aimed at L.A.! Billy: We've got seconds to make it to the control room! Villain: Hey, What're...Urk! Billy: This way! ZAP Villain: Ohh... I'm hit! The pain... ...unimaginable... Villain: My Commu-Nefator! ...Only chance to call Sarah before it ends... Villain: ...tell her I love her... ...and baby Abigail... Wife: We KNOW, Justin. You only took this job as Nefari Henchman #14 because your dad got so sick. Villain: Urgh!! ...hallucinating...Must get numbers right! Man: So, I'll pretty much be handling paperwork, requisition forms? Man #2: Yes, Justin. Some other henchman stuff, but pretty light. Villain: Arg! Too's...over... Dare's aim...too good... Meanwhile - Villain: Hey...ARG! My hopes and dreams! Billy: Great Galoshes! Nefari's MOVED the Insani-Ray Cannon! ZAP NEXT Nefari Henchman #27 (Accounts Payable), father of 3, snow globe collector, pushed into a lava pit!