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Richard's Poor Almanac - Wednesday September 23, 2015 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Richard's Poor Almanac - Wednesday September 23, 2015 Comic Strip
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RICHARD'S POOR ALMANAC © Richard Thompson. Dist. By ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

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richard's poor almanack by richard thompson restaurant closings the following establishments have been closed for health code violations- p.j. piehole's - briefly, it was the chili. see related stories on pages a-1, b-1, d-1, next week's health section, and monday's on-line chat with dr. ditmoss of the cdc. p.j. piehole's family place ambulance sportsateria over 300 wide-screen ex hi-def tvs - all-sports sports-a-teria sports bar - all the tvs got stuck on "spongebob squarepants" and nobody can find the remote. crossover cafe international fusion cuisine - the phrase "japanese. blowfish-stuffed haggis" should not exist on this planet, especially not on a menu, and especially not on a children's menu. crossover cafe thai-english tacos big hungry ed's big hungry ed's - closed after big hungry ed took the food away from every-body and ate it.