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Richard's Poor Almanac - Sunday April 12, 2015 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Richard's Poor Almanac - Sunday April 12, 2015 Comic Strip
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RICHARD'S POOR ALMANAC © Richard Thompson. Dist. By ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

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richard's poor almanac by richard thompson washington d.c. city of barricades tourists! during your stay here be sure to check out the many barricades that washington has to offer! dad: look, kids - bollards! kid 1: yay! kid 2: dad! crash into them to see if they work! did you know - the temporary fence around the capitol is based on the wall in "king kong"? dad: i see a senator! kid: any big monkeys? coming soon luxury condos nature lovers will enjoy the gigantic security flowerpots, each one large enough to con-tain whole ecosys-tems! some have even attracted developers! click before you leave, stop by the new fantod* headquarters, the latest advance in security design. it's a big bollard with a buuilding inside! but, please, don't get too close. dad: is there a gift shop? sec 1: why do you ask? sec 2: sir, put the camera down! *federal anti-terrorism overkill department