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Rip Haywire - Sunday December 15, 2019 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Rip Haywire - Sunday December 15, 2019 Comic Strip
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RIP HAYWIRE © Dan Thompson. Dist. By ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION for UFS. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

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Cobra Carson: I'm sorry, I hadn't eaten since... what day is it? Man: Don't worry, Miss, one slice of pie won't break me. Man 2: Don't worry, I'll pay for the lady. Narrator: Cobra is on the run and holed up in a icy podunk burg! Man 2: Are you all right, miss? I'm sorry, I should know some people clam up after they see a badge. Cobra Carson: No, it's not that. It's just been a very long time since someone has asked if I'm all right. They usually say 'what's wrong with you?' Man 2: Here, take my coat. This place is warm, but you must be freezing. Cobra Carson: Th-thank you... Man 2: Name's Utah... and no, I'm not mormon, though I am incredibly nice and clean-cut! Cobra Carson: This doesn't fit me. Man 2: It's big on you, for sure. Cobra Carson: Trust me, if you knew me, you'd know that's not what I meant.