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Pat Oliphant - Thursday June 7, 1984 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Pat Oliphant - Thursday June 7, 1984 Comic Strip
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OLIPHANT © ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

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Adviser: This is Normandy, sir... President Ronald Reagan: Boy, look at those cliffs! I remember wading ashore here under a hail of German fire. They were up here, we were down there. We had to fight our way up here. Impossible, you say, but there was nothing for it, but to do it. "Let's go, men!" I shouted... Adviser: Sir! Sir! ...Er, sir? Reagan: I lost a lot of friends... Adviser: You weren't here, sir! Reagan: No? Where was I? Adviser: You were in Hollywood, sir. Reagan: Oh. Adviser: Let's move along, shall we, sir...? Reagan: I could have sworn... Maybe I saw the movie. Wow, did we come up those cliffs!! I was a ranger then, I remember... Punk: Old actors never die...