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Nancy - Monday April 1, 2019 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Nancy - Monday April 1, 2019 Comic Strip
  • Resolution: 600x184 300 dpi
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NANCY © Reprinted by permission of ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION for UFS. All rights reserved.

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Diehard fans of Nancy will recall that the original artist and creator Ernie Bushmiller, nearly always true rocks imprecise groups of three. As all true fans know, he developed this habit during World War II, when wartime shortages forced cartoonists to limit themselves to the rocks they were allocated. Three is enough! Save cartoon rocks for our boys! Aunt Fritzi will never find her cod liver oil under this fourth rock. What some might not know is that later in his career, Bushmiller attempted to experiment with higher numbers of rocks, only to be swiftly shut down by his editors. Today, at long last, I'm humbled to make his true vision of Nancy a reality: