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Lio - Sunday August 20, 2006 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Lio - Sunday August 20, 2006 Comic Strip
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LIO © Mark Tatulli. Reprinted with permission of ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION. All rights reserved.

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Lio by Mark Tatulli Ditzie Trixie Trixie: Honey, I’m going to take a bath. Husband: OK! Trixie: ? Just Like THE FAR SIDE But Not Cow pie eating contest Family From Geheana “Mommy left her dance pole out again.” Brothers Watching Television Brother #1: Yo, something busted our TV, ya heard? Brother #2: Word, now what we gonna talk about? Mr. Zilch: Bird: OK, I guess I should make some comment about how life stinks. I just don’t feel snarky today. Word Fracus GHOPLSGMBDKEWZPMGDDX YHFIEHZAKRSLCTHMPOF VOPFRUHQALGDKFOPA VDTZXOHFWEMKLEGPFRE NGBCRTZLIGQPCRLPGXR OQWHDCKHEAIVRXKDLWX BGDPLTJUXDFAZHOVERK LFYICWLJAZYCEDHOSWI HGFRIUYCXLKNMIQO BOOM Punny Tails Bunny: What’re you doing, Platypus? Platypus: See that Rottweiler dog on our lawn? Platypus: He’s been doing his business in our garden. I want to catch him in the act. Bunny: You stupid Platypus! BunnY: Don’t you know a watched Rott never soils? Platypus: What’s this? Lio $$$