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JumpStart - Sunday July 12, 2020 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

JumpStart - Sunday July 12, 2020 Comic Strip
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JUMP START © Robb Armstrong. Reprinted with permission of ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION. All rights reserved.

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Dot: Son, if you don't want me to correct your grammar... Learn to express yourself clearly and correctly! JOE: AIIEEE!! Dot: No offense to Marcy, But - between you and I cloth diapers are better than those. JOE: OMG! You're incorrect, MOM! DOT: From a financial standpoint alone JOE: no, no...I mean your grammar is improper! You shoulda sais "between you and me" Dot: what? JOE: a predisposition such as between should be followed by and objective pronoun! DOT: who told you that? DOT: Oh, wait I told Jowe That! ATTENTION SHOPPERS! GUESS WHAT MY MOM JUST SAID: