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Get Fuzzy - Tuesday November 22, 2016 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Get Fuzzy - Tuesday November 22, 2016 Comic Strip
  • Resolution: 600x188 300 dpi
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  • ID: 6327834

GET FUZZY © Darby Conley. Used By permission of ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION. All rights reserved.

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Satchel Pooch: Heyyy boyos! What's up?! Rob Wilco: Bucky's critiquing national anthems. Satchel Pooch: Oh, right. If I remember, he thinks Japan's is the worst. Bucky Katt: Musically yes, but turns out that wordally, England's is worse. It's all "make the queen happy, give 'er nice gifts, God save the queen." Last I heard, she was rolling in dough. Let God look after the fireman, surely the queen can afford her own security. Satchel Pooch: Mm-hm. Mm-hm.