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Get Fuzzy - Sunday June 14, 2009 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Get Fuzzy - Sunday June 14, 2009 Comic Strip
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GET FUZZY © Darby Conley. Used By permission of ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION. All rights reserved.

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Bucky says, "Ohhhhh?..what unholy sequence of events hath resulted in that hairdo?!" Rob says, "I'm going to an animal rights fundraiser." Bucky says, "?And you thought you'd show solidarity by abusing your hair?" Bucky says, "Forget P.E.T.A., you need to join people for the ethical treatment of their own hair." Rob says, "Dude-" Bucky says, "I know you're against animal testing, but maybe you should be trying these new looks out on a rat before green-lighting them for yourself." Bucky says, "And where'd you get that tux? Oscar de la rental? D-K-N-Dear god- Y?" Rob says, "It's a summer tux." Bucky says, "Wait, does your calendar go January, February, March, April, May, 1953, July, August, September..." Rob says, "Help me out, Satch, Bucky's abusing me." Satchel says, "Ohh, Bucky! Don't dress Rob like that, it's cruel!" Bucky says, "Nice burn, pooch." Satchel says, "What'd I say? Wait, Rob, don't go outside like that!"