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Get Fuzzy - Sunday October 1, 2000 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Get Fuzzy - Sunday October 1, 2000 Comic Strip
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GET FUZZY © Darby Conley. Used By permission of ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION. All rights reserved.

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In the kitchen, Satchel asks Rob, "Can I have a 'Marrow-Snak'?" Rob says, "We're out, sorry." Satchel asks, "Then can I have a 'Jerky Nibble'?" Rob says, "Out of those, too. We're pretty much out of everything." Satchel says, "Oh... Well, I'm not picky. I'll have a cat treat." Rob says, "No, I'm sayin' the cupboard is empty." Satchel says, "'Empty'? You mean the magic cupboard is broken again?" Rob answers, "I'm only gonna go over this one more time - there is no 'magic cupboard'; I put the food in there! Me! I do that!" Bucky, on the countertop, says, "Sure you do, Robbo. Just like the big, bad 'government' puts the water in the faucets, eh? Give it a rest, man."