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Get Fuzzy - Thursday March 16, 2000 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Get Fuzzy - Thursday March 16, 2000 Comic Strip
  • Resolution: 600x191 300 dpi
  • Format: image/gif
  • ID: 1393860

GET FUZZY © Darby Conley. Used By permission of ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION. All rights reserved.

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Joe reaches to scratch Bucky's head. Rob says to Joe, "Careful, Joe." Joe replies, "Hey there, Tiger. What's the word on the street? Want a little scratch?" In complete shock, Joe looks over and says to Rob "Hey! He's purring!...or is that the sound he makes right before he - OW!" Rob says to Joe, "He's the weirdest little creature I've ever seen." Joe replies, "And yet...I'm strangely drawn to him..."