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FoxTrot - Monday August 31, 1998 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

FoxTrot - Monday August 31, 1998 Comic Strip
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  • ID: 718631

FOXTROT © Bill Amend. Reprinted with permission of ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION. All rights reserved.

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Peter: What's this? Andy: It's the shirt I bought you to wear today. Peter: But I want to wear my South Park t-shirt. Andy: Peter Fox, I'm not going to have you dressing like a slob on teh first day of school. You can wear that shirt tomorrow. I'm asking you to dress nicely for one day. How bad can that be?! Student: Hey, look! Morton Goldthwait has a twin! Peter: Dear lord. Morton: Wrong-o, girls! Hes not wearing a calculator case!