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DeFlocked - Sunday January 31, 2021 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

DeFlocked - Sunday January 31, 2021 Comic Strip
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DEFLOCKED © Jeff Corriveau, Dist. by Andrews McMeel Syndication. All rights reserved.

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DeFlocked By Jeff Corriveau J. Webb Psychiatrist Duck: What would you like to work on today, Mamet? Mamet: Well... I met a nice girl recently. But I fear we're wrong for each other. She's ambitious, with goals. I spend hours in front of the TV, eating bacon puffs and picking lint out of my belly button. She has a solid job, with a great future. My big accomplishment this week was finishing the "panda facts" on the back of the cereal box. Duck: I see... and how does SHE feel about all this? Girlfriend: THIS is where you take me on our first date??? To your PSYCHIATRIST'S office??!! Mamet: Plus I suspect some anger issues.