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DeFlocked - Sunday March 11, 2018 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

DeFlocked - Sunday March 11, 2018 Comic Strip
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DEFLOCKED © Jeff Corriveau, Dist. by Andrews McMeel Syndication. All rights reserved.

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Deflocked by Jeff Corriveau Mamet: Check out my new smart mirror! Cobb: "Smart mirror"? Mirror: Wrinkles detected. Activating self-esteem mode. Mirror: Now dimming lights. Mirror: Now darkening mirror glass. Mamet: WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM Mirror: Cueing 1980s motivational anthem "Eye of the Tiger." Cobb: It says "Caution: Objects In Mirror May Be More Desperate Than They Appear." Mirror: Hey - have you been working out? Mamet: Look out, ladies!