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DeFlocked - Tuesday April 20, 2010 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

DeFlocked - Tuesday April 20, 2010 Comic Strip
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DEFLOCKED © Jeff Corriveau, Dist. by Andrews McMeel Syndication. All rights reserved.

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Take this little corn sprig, for instance. Birthed from the soil with such promise... Such potential. Yet, once it grows proud, we'll pillage it for its gold; plucking the fruits from its arms like crows on carrion. Hack! Hack! Hack! It will stand alone... Barren... And grow old. Then, when the equinox burns it's stiffened leaves, we'll curse its breath and grind its phones. A life... Of in consequence. I'm still not writing you a ten year excuse note from school, Tucker. Well, then, let's go pick out my silo!!