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Doonesbury - Tuesday May 23, 1989 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Doonesbury - Tuesday May 23, 1989 Comic Strip
  • Resolution: 600x190 300 dpi
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  • ID: 393427

DOONESBURY © G. B. Trudeau. Reprinted with permission of ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION. All rights reserved.

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Asterisk/Bush: I want to thank all you fellas and ladies for dropping by! It's great fun seeing you! Great! As you know, I feel more comfortable in small, informal groups! I can really be myself, which is neat! But before we kick back and shoot the breeze, why don't you all give me your orders? Reporters: One medium! One rare, with cheese! Medium rare, to go! Asterisk/Bush: One at a time! One at a time!