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ViewsLatinAmerica - Friday December 15, 2017 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

ViewsLatinAmerica - Friday December 15, 2017 Comic Strip
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VIEWSLATINAMERICA © CartoonArts International/CWS. Reprinted with permission of ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION. All rights reserved.

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This is Ramon Esono. A cartoonist from equatorial Guinea... Among other things, Ramon with the help of a couple of writers created a graphic novel titled Obi's Nightmare a story of fiction where the (dictator) president of his country in power since 1979, wake up one day turned into an ordinary equatorial Guineain, and ingenious satire about the regime of his country. Equatorial Guineans in exile and even within their country, little by little started sharing the book... A few months ago, Ramon who was living abroad, saw himself forced to return to his country to renew identification documents... Once there, he was arrested, in the interrogation process he was questioned about his cartoons of the government... He was put and left in jail violating all legal procedures, later they accused him of a non-cartoon related crime, which according to Ramon's relatives couldn't be more ridiculous (apparently the regime was too embarrassed to accept they were putting him in jail for some funny drawings, so they made up another charge against him... And now he's in jail waiting for one of those trials in which the scales of justice inclined to the side the dictator wants to... With this action the regime seeks to silence the critic voices, but oh surprise! The result of this abuse against Ramon is that now many more people inside and outside Equatorial Guinea know about this dictatorship... Free Ramon Esono People like you probably, who before this word even aware of a country named Equatorial Guinea, now know what is happening there... Your nightmare is about to get real Obi! Because dictatorships may have power, but they lack intelligence... #FreeNSERamon!! This is why we must announce all this kind of cases that occur around the world and support our local critics there where we live, to achieve and preserve freedom, criticism and humor in this world so needy of them all.