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9 Chickweed Lane - Wednesday June 12, 2019 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

9 Chickweed Lane - Wednesday June 12, 2019 Comic Strip
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9 CHICKWEED LANE © Brooke McEldowney. Used By Permission of ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION. All Rights Reserved.

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"it is sung with a sigh and a tear in the eye, for it tells of a righted wrong, o! It's a song of the merrymaid, once so gay, who turned on her heel and tripped away from the peacock popinjay, bravely born, who turned up his noble nose with scorn at the humble heart that he did not prize: so she begged on her knees with downcast eyes, "for the love of the merryman, moping mum whose soul was sad, and whose glance was glum, who sipped no sup, and who craved no crumb, as he sighed for the love of a ladye! heighdy! heighdy! Misery me, lackadayee! his pains were o'er, and he signed no more, for he lived in the love of a ladye!" from the duet by william s. gilbert, the yeomen of the guard, 1888.