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9 Chickweed Lane - Sunday December 19, 1993 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

9 Chickweed Lane - Sunday December 19, 1993 Comic Strip
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9 CHICKWEED LANE © Brooke McEldowney. Used By Permission of ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION. All Rights Reserved.

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Edda: yesterday, I was babysitting a six year old who's already beginning to have her doubts about santa claus. amos: Well, you know hot it is...loss of innocence...early but inevitable...sad really... edda: She just can't swallow the idea of an obese 4th century, mesopotamian saint cramming himself down chimney flues all over the world. amos: well, of course, the concept is totally absurd. he employes a beaming device that breaks up his atomic structure and reassembles it from house to house. amos: you've never heard of "star trek"? Amos: Boy, talk about naive.