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Calvin and Hobbes - Thursday May 3, 1990 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Calvin and Hobbes - Thursday May 3, 1990 Comic Strip
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CALVIN AND HOBBES © Watterson. Reprinted with permission of ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION. All rights reserved.

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Young boy 1: Hey stupid, if you're going to get our guys out, why don't you join the other team?! Young boy 2: What were you doing in the outfield? Don't you even know how to play?! Calvin: C'mon guys, it's just a game! This is supposed to be fun! Young boy 2: Games are only fun when you win, bonehead! You're gonna make us lose! Young boy 1: If you screw up again, you're dead meat, Calvin! Young boy 2: Wait till I tell the other teams about this! Young boy 3: Who taught you how to play anyway? Your grandmother? Calvin: Mr. Lockjaw, I don't want to play any more. There's too much team spirit. Mr. Lockjaw: Ok, quitter! Goodbye.