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Calvin and Hobbes - Sunday February 12, 1989 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Calvin and Hobbes - Sunday February 12, 1989 Comic Strip
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CALVIN AND HOBBES © Watterson. Reprinted with permission of ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION. All rights reserved.

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Calvin: Hold still. Now boost! Lift! C'mon! Hobbes: Mpw! Get your hand out of my eye! Calvin: Ok, forward! Hobbes: On the way back, you're carrying me. Calvin: Hey, I got some mail! It's a valentine card. Hobbes: From Susie Derkins! Calvin: It says, "Please be my Valentine." Hobbes: You're Susie's Valentine! Calvin:I'm not her Valentine just because I got this in the mail, am I? Does the postmaster general know about this? Hobbes: Calvin and Susie sitting in a tree-ee! Kay-eye-ess-ess-eye-en-gee! Calvin: I don't have to kiss her, do I?! Is that what Valentines do??! Oh, gross! Hobbes: First comes lo-ove, then comes marriage, them comes a baby in a baby carriage! Calvin: This can't be happening! I need a lawyer! She can' make me be her Valentine! Hobbes: Here she comes! Here comes Susie! Susie: Hi Calvin. Calvin: Get away from me! I'm not your Valentine! Take your card back! Eww! Girls! Yecchh! Susie: That card wasn't for you, you moron. Didn't you read the back of the envelope? Calvin: The back? "Calvin, please give this to Hobbes." Hobbes?! Hobbes: Me! Really? Hot dog! Smooch city, here I come!