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Calvin and Hobbes - Sunday December 11, 1988 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Calvin and Hobbes - Sunday December 11, 1988 Comic Strip
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CALVIN AND HOBBES © Watterson. Reprinted with permission of ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION. All rights reserved.

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calvin: here we are at the top of "dismemberment gorge." ready to go down? hobbes: how about i steer this time? calvin: get on, you big sissy. i've been good all day so far. hobbes: christmas is getting near, huh? calvin: you got it. i've been wondering, though. is it truly being good if the only reason i behave well is so i can get more loot at christmas? i mean, really, all i'm doing is saying i can be bribed. is that good enough, or do i have to be good in my heart and spirit? in other words, do i really have to be good or do i just have to act good? hobbes: i suppose in your case, santa will have to take what he can get. calvin: exactly how good do you think i have to act? really good, or just pretty good?