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Calvin and Hobbes - Sunday September 4, 1988 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Calvin and Hobbes - Sunday September 4, 1988 Comic Strip
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CALVIN AND HOBBES © Watterson. Reprinted with permission of ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION. All rights reserved.

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Calvin: Can I have a different plate, Mom? Mom: Why? Calvin: Somebody puked on mine. Mom: Just eat your dinner and keep quiet, ok, Calvin? Calvin: Ewwww MMF! Hoopa Argh! Flip, flop. Blahhhhhhh Mom: Oh, knock it off, Calvin. It's hamburger casserole. There's not a thing in there you don't like. Calvin: This hamburger? Chew Chew. Hmm. This bite wasn't so bad, for some reason, I was able to choke it down, anyway. My stomach is still cramping up, but the pains aren't as sharp any more. The secret is to suppress the gag reflex. After I swallow it, I can stand it. Mom: Good. I'm glad this is such a hit.