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Cul de Sac - Sunday March 17, 2019 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Cul de Sac - Sunday March 17, 2019 Comic Strip
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CUL DE SAC © Richard Thompson. Dist. By ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

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alice: I'm alice! beni: I know. stop yelling. alice: It's a windy day. beni: Yeah. so? alice: I'm alice! if you yell on a windy day, the wind will pick up your words and blow them around the world. i'm alice! and if you go outside the next day and listen, you'll hear what you said! beni: Really? alice: it's a well-known fact. beni: I'm beni! Alice: I'm alice! mom: tell me again. I always get you two mixed up.