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Cathy Classics - Sunday August 7, 2022 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Cathy Classics - Sunday August 7, 2022 Comic Strip
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CATHY © Cathy Guisewite. Reprinted with permission of ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION. All rights reserved.

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Cathy: Uh, oh. Charlene: Uh, oh. Andrea: Uh, oh. Cathy: My fault. Charlene: My fault. Andrea: My fault. Cathy: I never actually finished my thank-you notes from last Christmas. Charlene: I never finished my wedding thank-yous. Andrea: My daughter just graduated from college, and there's a baby bonnet I never acknowledged. Cathy: I should have done it right after Christmas, but I was still addressing Christmas cards. Charlene: I couldn't decide what last name I was using, so I couldn't get any thank-you note cards printed. Andrea: I wanted to send a picture of Sara wearing the bonnet, but I never got a copy made. Cathy: Now I owe too big of an apology to even start! Charlene: The job is too huge. It looks over me! Andrea: It hangs over my head everywhere I go!! Cathy: That isn't a storm cloud! It's accumulated correspondence guilt!! Cathy: We've darkened another weekend for the whole country. Charlene: Now we owe 1,298,000 notes of apology. Andrea: At least no one can say women don't take responsibility.