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Cathy Classics - Saturday February 5, 2005 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Cathy Classics - Saturday February 5, 2005 Comic Strip
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CATHY © Cathy Guisewite. Reprinted with permission of ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION. All rights reserved.

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Minister: Do you, Cathy, take Irving to be you lawfully wedded husband? Cathy: I do. Minister: Do you, Irving, take Cathy to be your lawfully wedded wife? Irving: I do. Minister: Please repeat after me... Cathy: I, Cathy, take you, Irving to be my husband. Irving: I, Irving, take you, Cathy, to be my wife. Irving and Cathy: To have and to hold from this day forth, for better or for sickness and in love and cherish until death do us part. Minister: By the power invested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife. Electra: Aack! Vivian: Aack! Caption: The Wedding of Cathy and Irving.