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Biographic - Sunday February 28, 2021 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Biographic - Sunday February 28, 2021 Comic Strip
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Anthony Hopkins was born in Port Talbot, Wales, on December 31, 1937. As a teen, he idolized actor Richard Burton, the local lad who had conquered the world of stage and screen. After two years of compulsory army service, Hopkins moved to London to pursue his acting ambitions, training at the Royal Academy of dramatic arts. He was subsequently invited by acting legend Sir Laurence Olivier to join the royal national theatre, where he quickly established an outstanding reputation. Hopkins made his movie debut in 1968, "The Lion In Winter," opposite Peter O'Tolle and Katherine Hepburn. Following a starring role in "Equus" on Broadway in the mid-1970s, he relocated to Los Angeles. He starred in such movies as "Magic" in which he played a ventriloquist obsessed with his dummy, and the world war II epic "A Bridge Too Far". His tv work ,which included portrayals of Quasimodo, Lindbergh kidnapper Bruno Hauptmann, and Adolf Hitler earned a pair of Emmys. In the late 1980s, he starred in such movies as "The Elephant Man" and "The Bounty" but moved back to Britain, resigned to the idea that movie superstardom had eluded him. All that changed with 1991's Blockbuster "The Silence Of The Lambs." his chilling portrayal of Hannibal "The Cannibal" Lecter terrified audiences worldwide, earning him an Oscar and place alongside boyhood hero Richard Burton in movie stardom's highest echelon. His work, which has seen him portray characters from Richard Nixon, to Zorro, to Alfred Hitchcock and Odin, has earned him four further Oscar nominations, and he ws nominated for an Emmy for his role on the HBO series "Westworld" His largest project sees the octogenarian star opposite fellow oscar-winning brit Olivia Colman in "The Father" a movie generating critical acclaim for it's depiction of demantia.