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Biographic - Sunday November 3, 2019 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Biographic - Sunday November 3, 2019 Comic Strip
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Kristen Stewart was born in Los Angeles on April 19, 1990. Her dad is a tv producer and her mother is a script supervisor, so it was no surprise that Kristen was drawn to acting from an early age. She had a well-received role in 2001's "The Safety of Objects" before starring opposite Jodie Foster in the 2002 thriller "Panic Room." She continued to rack up impressive credits throughout her early teens, with featured roles in such movies as "Cold Creek Manor" "Catch That Kid" and "Fierce People"as well as an acclaimed lead role in the tv movie "Speak." More starring vehicles came her way, including "The Cake Eaters" and the horror movie "The Messengers" and she appeared with Robert De Niro and Sean Penn in 2008's "What Just Happened" that same year, she appeared in the role that elevated her to cult stardom, as Bella Swan in the vampire fantasy "Twilight" adapted from the hugely popular Stephanie Meyer books. The movie was the first of five in a series that spawned four years and grossed 53.3 billion worldwide! Her leading lady status was confirmed by her portrayal of rocker Joan Jett in the biopic "The Runaways" and her role as Snow White in "Snow White and The Huntsman." She appeared in a number of independent movies, and received critical acclaim for her role opposite Julietter Binoche in the 2014, french drama, "Clouds of Sils Maria" for which she won a cesar award for best-supporting actress, her first American actress to receive a nomination in 30 years. She continued to choose roles in a diverse array of projects appeared in music videos for Jenny Lewis, The Rolling Stones, and Interpol and made her directorial debut in the 2017 short-lived film "Come Swim" This month sees her take on the role of Sabina in the new "Charlie's Angels" movie. Early in the new year she will star in the sci-fi thriller "Underwater."