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Biographic - Sunday May 26, 2019 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Biographic - Sunday May 26, 2019 Comic Strip
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Bruce Lee was not only the greatest most innovative and influential martial artist in movie history he was also a talented dancer - he won a major hong kong cha cha championship in 1958! Born Lee Jun Fam, the son of a touring opera singer in San Francisco in 1940 Bruce Lee appeared on a string of movies while growing up in Hong Kong. At 18, the martial arts - obsessed youngster moved back to the states, working in a relatives restaurant in San Francisco's Chinatown before enrolling at the University of Washington Seattle to study philosophy. In 1963, he opened his own martial arts school. By the time he opened a second school, in Oakland California, he had been cast as the judo chopping Kato in The Green Hornet" Tv Series. Opening a martial arts school in Los angles he was soon training such Hollywood superstars as Steve McQueen and James Coburn and appearing in the movie "Marlowe: and the TV series Longstreet""Longstreet" BRUCE LEE Frustrated by Hollywoods reluctance to cast him in more substantial roles, Brice returned to hong King Where he was surprised to discover that “The green Hornet was known as “Th Kato show” and had made him a star! That’s stardom was enhanced by the success of such films as “The big boss” and “fist of fury: which convinced Hollywood to bankroll “Enter the Dragon” A bigger budget action flick that teamed Brice up with a host of karate champions. The movie would make more than 200 million dollars But “The little dragon” didn’t live to savor the triumph. Just weeks before the movie 1973 premiere, The 32-year-old collapsed and died of brain edema. Thousands of fans filed past his coffin in Hong Kong before his body was flown back to the US for burial in Seattle. Pallbearers included Steve Mcqueen, James Coburn Chuck Norris and James Bond actor George Lazenby. In 1993, Tragedy struck once more when Bruces 28 – year old son, Brandon Lee was accidentally killed on the set of the movie “The crow” In 1971, Bruce Lee pitched a TV show about a martial artist on the wild west, Network execs passed on the idea...but one year later the “Kung Fu’ Tv show debuted and his project was dead in theater! Forty-eight years later thanks to the efforts of l\Lees daughter Shannon and a Team that includes director Justin Lin's "Warrior” starring Andrew Koji premiered on Cinemax