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Breaking Cat News - Sunday March 22, 2020 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Breaking Cat News - Sunday March 22, 2020 Comic Strip
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BREAKING CAT NEWS © Georgia Dunn. Dist. By ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

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BREAKING CAT NEWS BY GEORGIA DUNN CN Lupin: Local cat has tucked himself in. LIVE Elvis: Lupin, Elvis here, failing to see what the big deal is. HIGH-PITCHED INCOHERENT SQUEALING VERY HIGH FREQUENCY LIKE BAT SONAR SEARCHING FOR CUTENESS Puck: Lupin, the scene is unbearable twee. *GRUMBLE* LIKE A BUNNY SINGING TO A BABY BIRD Yellow Robber Mouse: Sources are saying the cat crept under the covers, turned around several times, and poked their lil head out. Lupin: OMC... LIVE Elvis: The covers are warm and toasty! This was a cunning, strategic move! I saw an opportunity and boldly seized it! The Boy: I read sleepy baby Mow Mow story! The Girl: See-pee baby Mow Mow! Lupin: Sleepy Baby Mow Mow. Elvis: COZINESS IS NOT A CRIME!