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Breaking Cat News - Monday March 27, 2017 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Breaking Cat News - Monday March 27, 2017 Comic Strip
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BREAKING CAT NEWS © Georgia Dunn. Dist. By ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

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Lupin: Coming up: Local owl and pussycat telling their love story. Elvis: This is more like gossip than news- Puck: Am I late? Did I miss anything? Baba Mouse: It's not a love story. It's a warning not to trust this opportunistic charlatan- Wicket: Still playing hard to get, I see- Baba Mouse: NOPE Our story begins over 25 years ago- Beatrix: HOLY CAT, IS THAT YOU?! Baba Mouse: yeah...I was as babe. Ugh. This became a stock photo. It was used in EVERYTHING. Wicket: We were a SENSATION! Baba Mouse: I was born at the local cat shelter. I was a favorite of the Old Woman who ran it. Occasionally the shelter took in other animals. Wicket came to us with a broken wing. Every kitten grows up hearing "The Owl and the Pussycat." It wasn't long before I was in love. Beatrix: I'm more of a "Puss in Boots" fan, myself. Baba Mouse: clever kitten. Soon we were inseparable. Newspapers loved the story. However, the old woman had her suspicions about how Wicket broke his wing. And she didn't like the way h looked at smaller animals at the shelter... But I was young and in love. And you couldn't tell me anything. I had helped for a pea green boat... But all I got was a shopping cart. Wicket: That shopping cart was our CHARIOT! Baba Mouse: Each wheel was determined to squeak the loudest. It wasn't exciting for a time, but it wasn't long before he bailed. Turkey: So...does this mean you're single, or...? Baba Mouse: Unreal. Wicket: I had to look for a place for us to live. Baba Mouse: For 25 years. Beatrix: You stranded her?! Baba Mouse: Eh, it was for the best. I wanted kittens. I wanted kittens, he was an owl...It never would have worked. My only regret is the Old Woman passed away before I could return home to apologize. I always felt bad about that. When I did get back, I made a life for myself on a nearby farm, and it's been a good life. But mark my words, viewers: This owl is not to be trusted. Wicket: Nice way to talk about the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE! Baba Mouse: I don't know why you're back, but it's not to see me. And you were NOT the love of my life. That was Burt's great, great, great grandfather, Beau. But that's a story for another time. Oh, hey. Pappy!