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Breaking Cat News - Monday July 25, 2016 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Breaking Cat News - Monday July 25, 2016 Comic Strip
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BREAKING CAT NEWS © Georgia Dunn. Dist. By ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

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Lupin: Wicket has landed, narrowly missing Natasha's totally awesome jacket. Wicket: This is not the Golden Mouse. Natasha: No, but I brought the horn to summon her. Wicket: This will call her back? Natasha: The Golden Mouse knew your screech well. Legend has it one long screech will call her back to you. Lupin: Is that true, Agnes? Agnes: Technically. Wicket: SCREEEEECH! Agnes: It's filled with her ashes. Wicket: Choke! GASP! COUGH! Alice: DINNER IS SERVED- Natasha: ALICE, RUN! Puck: Beatrix? Beatrix: Almost! Agnes: PUFF FROM ABOVE! Beatrix: MAY I TAKE YOUR HAT, SIR?! Tommy and Sophie's Woman: GOTCHA! So, you're the one who's been making all that racket! It's okay, little old man. Deep breaths. Have some water. I gotcha. Wicket: Oh, thank you.