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Alley Oop - Sunday December 30, 2018 Comic Strip Licensing and Permissions

Alley Oop - Sunday December 30, 2018 Comic Strip
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Alley Oop @ UFS, Inc. Used By Permission of ANDREWS MCMEEL SYNDICATION for UFS. All rights reserved.

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man: you certainly have a good strong heartbeat, but i'll order an EKG to get a complete picture! man: before we do all those tests, let's get some blood to make sure that's okay! you'll just feel a little sting! alley oop: holy cats! whaddya think you're gonna do with that? ow!! alley oop: hey!! I never had a sting like that before! man: We're even! you broke my needle! your skin's as tough as dinosaur hide! man: now I'd like to have a look at your insides! alley oop: how are ya gonna do that? doc: whisper whisper alley oop: no way! no how! no ekg! no blood test, an' no searchin' inside my guys! man: ! alley oop: i'm gettin' outta this nut house! if I need any doctorin', I'll go t'wizer! you comin', doc?! doc: Sorry, mark! give mabel my regards, and have her send me a bill! man: Will do, and don't worry about your friend! he's healthy as a horse!